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Certificate in Report WritingCertificate In Report Writing

From Business Training
- an STT college



Learn how to write good reports

If you need to write reports for your job or social activities this short course will help. It takes you step-by-step through the process of information gathering, construction of reports and presentation of visual information. In addition, there is a useful refresher on basic grammar and developing your writing style including a supplement on punctuation and spelling.

By the end of your studies you’ll be able to produce professional and polished reports with confidence. 

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Code: STSX      Course Fees: £169 
Easy Payment Terms:
£58 deposit then £58 a month for the following 2 months making £174 in all

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Certificate in Report Writing

People who write well are more likely to get ahead in their career. Your writing can influence how professional you appear to your colleagues, clients and boss. It can also have a bearing upon how seriously they take you.

Because of this, many people find writing at work, and especially report writing, a daunting task. Consequently, reports are often left to the last minute and so are poorly produced.

This course will take away the mystery of good report writing. It’s packed with plenty of examples, case studies and some handy tips and tricks to make your writing flow.

We’re sure that by the time you have completed this course you’ll actually look forward to writing reports. You will be confident that what you write is professional and polished. Plus, with a concise, well-written report, you’ll gain a sense of achievement, and respect from those who read it. 

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Your Tuition

One of the key aspects to successfully completing your course is the quality of your tuition. All our tutors are experienced in teaching by distance learning and have been specially trained by us to help you.

Your tutor will give you detailed comment on your progress, and guidance for the future. You will be shown how to overcome weaknesses and reassured on your strong points. Your tutor will provide constructive comment and do everything possible to help you develop your report writing skills.

We have brought together a professional tuition service and an effective course so that you can work towards a Certificate in Report Writing. Not only will you gain a certificate, you’ll also gain confidence in yourself and your writing abilities. 

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Who Should Take This Course?

The course is suitable for anyone who wishes to learn report writing skills.

Entry Requirements

No previous qualifications or experience are needed to enrol.


Overseas students please note:

A basic knowledge of English is required as the training is conducted wholly in the English language. If you can understand this website you’ll be able to understand the course.


Course Objectives

This course will help you to write and present professional, polished reports.

You’ll learn:

• how to develop your writing style and technique
• about the different types of reports
• how to prepare for a report
• making notes
• form and layout of reports
• how to construct a report
• the seven stages of report writing
• about presentation

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Your CertificateCertificate in Report Writing

On successful completion of your course you will be awarded a CPD Certificate in Report Writing from Business Training. Once you have your certificate you’ll have confirmation that you’re able to produce competent and professional reports.


Because we have full confidence in the quality of the course, you can inspect it for 15 days before committing to your training. If you are not completely satisfied with it, or you feel the training is not right for you, then just return the course materials, in good condition, within 15 days of receipt.

Start Studying Right Away When You Enrol Online

There is no fixed enrolment date so you can start as soon as you are ready. Plus, you can study where and when you like – in the UK or abroad, at home, in the library or at work.

And, by enrolling online you can be studying in just five minutes. The first sections are available as soon as your payment has been accepted.

Your course materials are sent to you by post and should arrive within seven working days in the UK or 28 working days if you are overseas. 

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Code: STSX      Course Fees: £169 
Easy Payment Terms:
£58 deposit then £58 for the following 2 months making £174 in all

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Alternatively telephone our fast enrolment facility (credit/debit cards only). Just call our 24hr freephone line: 0800 612 3637 (UK only) or if you are overseas please call 44 161 228 2362 during office hours.


Online Student Community

As soon as you’ve enrolled you will become a member of our online student community, which is an easy way to contact other students and keep in touch with the college.

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Code: STSX      Course Fees: £169 
Easy Payment Terms:
£58 deposit then £58 for the following 2 months making £174 in all

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Course Summary:

Loose Leaf Binder


Length: 7 modules 

Number of Tutor 
Marked Assignments
: two 
Study Time
20-25 hours (about four to five weeks at only four hours study per week) 
Maximum Course Time
6 months
15 day trial 
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