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See What The Professionals Say!

Below you’ll find comments about our business courses from professionals in the industry.



“The ability to write effectively is essential for anyone who wishes to succeed. Individuals who can argue their case in clear and concise English will always have an advantage over those who cannot. The Advanced Business English course is an excellent and practical programme for anyone who wants to write better and is determined to succeed.”

Andrew Goodliffe

Andrew has held senior management positions in personnel and training with Scottish and Newcastle Breweries, Smedley – H P Foods Limited and John Dickinson and Company Limited.





“The course is complete and self-contained. The modular structure allows students flexibility of study and they can easily home-in on any areas that need particular attention or revision. It is a course that is very easy to use.”

Dmytro Bojaniwskyj

Dmytro is managing editor with one of Britain’s leading educational publishers. He has also had extensive experience writing and editing distance learning packages – including MBA professional and business related programmes.




“This course is especially valuable to people who have technical ability but who perhaps lack the communication skills to progress further up career ladder. Whatever your needs or background this excellent course will give very good value for money. It will be a valuable investment in yourself.”

E. Vanden-Akker BA MBA

Mr Vanden-Akker is a businessman with a deep interest in education and training. Before starting his own very successful company he was the Director of Studies at Britain’s largest private home-study college.

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