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    Terms and Conditions of Enrolment

    Please enrol me as a student on the Certificate in Counselling course. I have read and understand the terms and conditions of enrolment shown below and I agree to them. I also agree to respect the copyright in the course and not to allow any other person to read or use the course or any portion of it in any way whatsoever.



    Terms and Conditions for the Certificate in Counselling course

    1. The STT Promise. For the fees quoted STT will supply the full course and all the services described in the prospectus.

    2. Instalment Payments. You agree to let us automatically deduct your instalments from your credit card when they become due. If there is any danger that payment will be refused please write to us. We will treat all deserving cases as sympathetically as possible and do our best to adjust your payments to your circumstances.

    3. Copyright. The Course is protected by copyright. You agree not to copy, reproduce or broadcast the course or part of the course.

    4. 12 Months to Complete Your Course. This agreement lasts for 12 months. If you wish to extend your studies beyond 12 months, an extra charge may be made for administration and the supply of revised course material.

    5. Ownership of Course Materials. The course materials become your property on receipt by you, subject to full payment of your fees.

    6. STT Rights. STT reserves the right to refuse to accept any applications for Enrolment. We also reserve the right to discontinue tuition for any student who (in our opinion) does not have sufficient aptitude to complete the course. In such cases all fees paid will be refunded on return of the course materials.

    7. Your Certificate. We will award your Certificate on successful completion of your course.
    Your Certificate of Continuing Professional Development in Counselling. On successful completion of your course you will be eligible to receive a Certificate of Continuing Professional Development issued by the Institute of Counselling. This Certificate is in addition to the Certificate in Counselling and will be sent free on request.

    i. You have the full course on 15 day trial when you enrol. If you return it to our Manchester office within 15 days of receipt, at your expense, any money you have paid will be returned in full. This period will only be extended by request in advance.

    This Guarantee is Your Safeguard of A Fair Deal From STT

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