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    Counselling And Care Articles

    Domestic Violence - Five Reasons Why She Doesn't Leave

    Many of us wonder why people who are in abusive relationships don’t just walk away. This is a complex issue and many factors are involved, but here five of the most compelling reasons.

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    Coping with Stress

    Some stress in our lives can be beneficial – adding a buzz and keeping boredom at bay. Here we show you how to cope when it starts to have a negative impact on your life.

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    Natural Methods to Fight Depression - 5 Steps to Overcoming the Blues

    This brief article gives five extremely practical tips you can use in the fight against depression, without resorting to prescribed medication

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    Grief in the Workplace

    The workplace is like a second family to many people and because of this, grief from the loss of a loved one has wider effects than you might imagine. So, what can colleagues, employers and counsellors do to ease the burden?

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    Boundaries Within Counselling

    The relationship between counsellor and client is built around trust and support and offers clients a place free from judgement. As such, it is important that there are a number of boundaries and support mechanisms in place to ensure the needs of the client are met.

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    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): THE FACTS

    When someone experiences a traumatic event they can sometimes suffer psychological stress related to the incident. If the symptoms of this stress last longer than a month then it’s usually classed as PTSD.

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