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    Natural Methods to Fight Depression - 5 Steps to Overcoming the Blues

    Natural Methods to Fight Depression - 5 Steps to Overcoming the Blues
    By Shannon E Cook

    Have a case of the blues? If you feel down for more than a week or two or start noticing other changes in areas of your life such as appetite, sleep, and interest in regular activities, you may need to take more active steps to resolve your problem. Here are 5 steps to feeling better:

    1. Address your diet. If eating is difficult, try keeping healthy, high protein snacks around the house or in your purse or bag when you leave the house. Have a handful of food when you think of it, rather than putting pressure on yourself to eat a full meal. If eating too much, or "comfort eating" is the problem, try setting a cut off point in the evening when you will stop eating, period.

    2. Try supplements. You may need pharmaceutical medication, but there are also natural supplements that can help alleviate symptoms. Make sure you are taking a good food based multivitamin and fish oil, to start with. L-Theanine and 5 HTP are also good supplements to try.

    3. Find a good counselor. Talking out your problems and getting feedback helps you to get a more accurate perspective on your issues, and can help you sort them out. A good friend can also be helpful, but with a professional counselor you can more assured of the quality of the advice, as well as the fact that a professional will be more objective.

    4. Exercise more. Try adding some cardiovascular exercise if your doctor clears you for such activity. Regular sustained cardio exercise (45 minutes 5 times per week), provides optimal mood enhancing benefits due to the endorphin release that occurs with the elevation in your heart rate.

    5. Try other forms of self care. Make a list of small kindnesses you can do for yourself that you enjoy. Do one of these things for yourself each day, and mark it off the list when you are finished. You are worth the effort!

    For a free copy of my ebook, "Natural Methods To Fight Depression", click here:

    Shannon Cook is a personal growth and relationship expert who has written a number of informative articles and ebooks on the topic of toxic relationships and holistic personal growth, including physical, emotional and relationship health.

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