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Top Ten Tips For Studying Successfully
  1. Try to study regularly. It is better to do a little each day or three or four times a week rather than cramming it all into one long session. It helps if you can analyse your spare time and then write out a study plan.

  2. Find somewhere to study where you can concentrate with no distractions. You may find that listening to music is helpful but a TV in the background or someone who keeps disturbing you wont help you to do your best work.

  3. Read – write – remember. If you study using this method you are more likely to be successful. Read the material as often as you need to, making notes to fix the ideas firmly in your mind and this will automatically help you to remember. 

  4. Practise making notes and keep a separate notebook where you can write these down and then keep them safely for future reference.

  5. Don’t just passively read through your course. Actively think about what you are studying. Ask yourself questions about it and try to find the answers.

  6. If you are doing a practical course or one which contains self-test questions, make sure you do these. They are there to make sure that you can put into practice what you have learned. If you don’t do them or skim through them and then check the answers you are only cheating yourself.

  7. Don’t rely on your computer spell-check. If you are unsure of a word always check its meaning and spelling in your dictionary. 

  8. If you have friends doing the same course it often helps to work together for support and encouragement. But, make sure you don’t just distract each other.

  9. Always wait for feed back on one piece of work before sending off the next. By doing this you can often avoid repeating the same mistake.

  10. Revise, revise, revise! Revise what you are studying regularly so that it stays fresh in your mind; revise the notes that you have made and before sending off an assignment or exam paper always revise your answers to check that they are correct, neat and well expressed.


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