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Key Notes - Past Issues


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Key Notes - Issue 2
This month we have a rattle bag of inspiration and information to help you with your studies and work life. Learn: 10 top tips to improve your report writing, 7 tips on gaining more time to run your business, a four step process for successful writing and setting the boundaries between counsellor and client. Key Notes
STT Newsletter
November 2008
  Key Notes

I was rather disappointed that we didn’t get any feedback from you on our first issue. Remember, if you are already a student you can go to the ‘student forum’ and leave us a message or chat to other students. If you’ve not already enrolled you can email your comments direct to me.

Moving on, I imagine that many of you have heard Rudyard Kipling’s poem that starts with the following lines:

I keep six honest serving-men
(They taught me all I know);
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who…

No would-be writer can afford to forget how valuable it is to be inquisitive about what’s going on around them. If you’re writing non-fiction you’ll need all the facts at your disposal to write a comprehensive article; if you’re writing fiction your research will ensure an authentic setting.

But Kipling’s advice doesn’t just apply to writers. No matter what course you are doing, approaching your studies with an open, inquisitive mind will make it more enjoyable and help to fix what you’ve learned in your mind.

Learning isn’t a passive experience. You should be looking at every topic, thinking about it and asking questions – in other words, expanding your mind. And if you want to read the rest of the poem... visit

Moving on, here at stt we’ve just introduced a new course in report writing – so what could be more appropriate than our first article this month which gives 10 tips on report writing to whet your appetite.

Don’t forget… let us have your feedback and I hope you enjoy this month’s newsletter.

Diana Nadin
 Editors Choice  Writing
Many people find report writing stressful, but if you follow these tips it could become one of the tasks you look forward to rather than putting off until the last minute every time.

more >>>
As any successful writer will tell you, it’s not just the creative spark that will make you a best-selling author. There’s also a lot of hard work involved: planning, writing, re-writing and editing. So, if you want to be the next J K Rowling…
more >>>
 Business  Couselling
‘There never seems to be enough time’ – how often have you said that? In ‘Seven Tips that will gain you more time to run your business’ Leon Noone tells you have you can increase your productive and get more out of your business.

more >>>
The relationship between counsellor and client is a special one. Read on to understand the boundaries that counsellors need to set in order to ensure that the dynamics of the counsellor/client relationship remain intact.

more >>>

 Course of the Month

Living and Working with PTSD ASET Award
This course will give you an in-depth understanding of PTSD. You'll learn who might be affected, how to spot the symptoms and the sort of help that is available for recovery. The course is particularly relevant for: employees in the caring professions, the emergency services, counsellors, service personnel, social workers and teachers and can make a valuable contribution to your CPD training.

Anyone who may be affected by PTSD including family, friends, colleagues of sufferers and sufferers themselves will also benefit from this course. If you want to have a deeper understanding of PTSD then this course is for you. 

More >>>

 Best of the Web
This site provides valuable information about the life and work of Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis. There is a biography; his ideas, theories and approach and other valuable resources.
This is a site for both learners and teachers of English as a second language. Access is free with everything from lessons for students to jobs for teachers, including games, quizzes, chat, blogs, help and penpals. (Writers Market - United Kingdom), (Writers Market - USA) and (Australian Writers Marketplace) These three sites are a must for writers. They give access to markets around the globe with full contact details. You do have to pay a subscription, but talking to successful writers, most feel that the fee involved can soon be recouped from articles they place using the information on these sites.
 In Conclusion
I hope you’re finding Key Notes interesting. Let me know about your successes – both in finishing your course or on the benefits that having studied with us bring. Also get in touch if you are having any problems with your studied and I’ll do my best to help.

Remember, a problem shared is often a problem halved! Contact me, as usual, on Until next month – enjoy your studies.

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