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Key Notes - Past Issues


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Key Notes - Issue 3
This month we’ve got some fascinating topics for you, ranging from how to write the perfect poem to three ways of looking at self-publishing before you take the plunge. We consider the best ways to help employees or colleagues come to terms with bereavement and 10 tips on how to stand up and get yourself noticed in the workplace. Key Notes
STT Newsletter
Issue: 3
December 2008
  Key Notes

I was reading a copy of Management Today recently and saw an article entitled “Are you suffering from ‘someday syndrome’?” What they meant by this was procrastination – putting things off instead of getting on with them.

We’re all guilty of this to some degree. I sometimes find myself putting off starting to write a difficult report or – even worse – completing my annual tax return!

But there’s no point promising yourself that you’ll lose weight or get fit or learn a new skill unless you actually start the process. So, whether you’re already enrolled with us and need to press on with your studies – or you’re still contemplating which course to choose – don’t put it off! There’s no time like the present.

OK, serious bit over! On a lighter note, many people (even those you would least suspect) get a great deal of pleasure from writing poetry. It’s a wonderful way of making sense of what’s going on in the world around you and enables you to use your creativity to the full.

So, whether you’re a secret poet, or acknowledge your addiction, this month’s lead article gives you ten tips on writing the perfect poem.

As usual, don’t forget to let us have your feedback and I hope you enjoy this month’s articles.

Diana Nadin
 Editor's Choice  Writing
Writing the Perfect Poem
Do you see yourself as the next Lord Byron or a Carol Ann Duffy? Whatever your poetry writing aspirations here are ten useful tips to help you on your way.

more >>>
Self-Publishing – 3 Ways to Look at it
You’ve spent a good deal of your time and energy writing a book, and now you’d like to see it in print. Read on to find out the benefits and drawbacks of self-publishing.

more >>>
 Business  Couselling
Stand out in the Workplace – Top 10 tips
So you want to stand out from the crowd? Follow our 10 top tips and you’ll get the attention you want – for all the right reasons.

more >>>
Grief in the Workplace
The workplace is like a second family to many people and because of this, grief from the loss of a loved one has wider effects than you might imagine. So, what can colleagues, employers and counsellors do to ease the burden? 
more >>>

 Course of the Month
Writing poetry is one of the most engaging, enriching and enjoyable forms of creative writing. It is a highly skilled way of expressing yourself that is deeply rewarding when you capture a mood or feeling just right.

However, if you want to create great poetry you need to know the rules and develop the techniques that successful poets use. These can easily be learned and, with the help of an experienced poet as your tutor, The Art of Writing Poetry course will show you how.

 Best of the Web
This site calls itself the one-stop web home for professional and beginning writers, and certainly lives up to that claim. It covers everything, including screen and playwriting, novels, non-fiction, comic books, greetings cards, poetry and songs.
If you’re learning English, being able to use idioms correctly really demonstrates your fluency. And even if English is your first language, you’ll still find some quirky idioms on this site that you’ve never come across before.
In the last issue, the ‘Course of the Month’ was Living and Working with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This condition has received wide coverage in the press recently – especially with reference to members of the armed forces returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. The article gives plenty of useful information on this frightening and debilitating problem.
 In Conclusion
Well, that brings us to the end of another issue. I hope you’ve found the articles stimulating - if you’d like to discuss any of the topics covered with other readers, just go to the Student Forum. Or contact me, as usual, on

And remember, if you’ve any study tips to pass on we’d be delighted to include them in the future issues.

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