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Key Notes - Issue 5
This month we suggest ways of beating writers’ block, and if that’s not enough to make you feel good we suggest seven reasons to be cheerful despite the economic crisis. We show you how to take the strain out of writing up the minutes of a meeting and if your New Year resolutions have started to waver, there’s help on motivating yourself to achieve your goals!
Key Notes
STT Newsletter
January 2009
  Key Notes

Despite all the financial doom and gloom I hope that you’re all trying to remain positive – if you do, you’ll make a much better impression on the people around you. Ask yourself whether you’re the kind of person whose glass is always half full (in other words, an optimist) or someone whose glass is always half empty (a pessimist) and then resolve to be the former!

In this month’s issue we’ve got a piece for you from Nick Daws’ blog. Nick is a successful freelance writer who feels that tough times bring opportunities as well as threats – and he’s got some great advice that applies not only to freelance writers but to many other people who are running small businesses. A good example of how to stay positive!

We’ve also got 10 tips on writing up the minutes of a meeting. For many people this can be a task – like report writing – that makes their hearts sink. How to do this easily and effectively is explained in depth in the Business English with Spoken English Diploma course but in this month’s Keynotes we’re going to give you a ‘potted’ version, highlighting the most important things to concentrate on. In addition, if you are a writer, there are hints on overcoming writers block.

But before I close I’d like to warn you about falling prey to ‘Washing Machine Syndrome’. This is something I read about in a recent issue of Management Today magazine - it’s when you let your worries build up and they churn around in your head all night. The only trouble is, clothes come out of a washing machine clean and fresh, but your worries will just keep going round and round unless you make a conscious effort to clear your mind. Ask yourself if you can actually do anything to prevent the thing that you are worrying about from happening. If the answer is ‘no’ then make a huge effort to clear it from your mind. If the answer is ‘yes’ – then do something concrete about it rather than just worrying! Sounds tough, but it’s all part of remaining positive through the coming year.


Diana Nadin
 Editor's Choice  Writing
Seven Reasons to be Cheerful in 2009 

Tough times bring opportunities as well as threats – read on to see how you can adopt a more positive attitude amidst the doom and gloom.

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Beating Writers’ Block 

Is there such a thing as ‘writers’ block’? If you feel that you have every suffered from it here are eight suggestions for ensuring that your creativity starts to flow again.

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 Business  Couselling
Writing the Minutes of a Meeting – 10 Top Tips 

As staff cut-backs bite it’s becoming more common for members of a meeting or committee to take turns in preparing the minutes – rather than having a secretary to do it. Many people dread this task... read on to see how easy it can be. 

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Resolving to be Different in 2009

Perhaps a month into the New Year your resolutions are starting to weaken? Annie Lawler shows you how you can get yourself motivated to ensure that you’ll follow through on the goals you’ve set yourself.

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 Course of the Month

Certificate in Report Writing
If you need to write reports for your job or social activities this short course will help. It takes you step-by-step through the process of information gathering, construction of reports and presentation of visual information. In addition, there is a useful refresher on basic grammar and developing your writing style including a supplement on punctuation and spelling. 

 Best of the Web
If you are interested in studying counselling or have a family member with an addiction, this is an invaluable site. It has been set up to help people learn about various addictive illnesses and provide sources of help.
This site lets you learn more about your favourite authors and introduces you to new ones. When an author is interviewed, the recorded interview appears on the audio page. The conversation covers how and where the author writes, agents, editors, cover design etc.
This is a fantastic resource. Although the information is based on English regulations, it will be of use wherever you live in the world. It gives advice and covers topics that are of interest to every business person. These range from setting up your own business, health and safety, the environment, employing staff, through to sales, marketing and much, much more.
 In Conclusion
And that brings us to the end of another issue. If you’re interested in reading blogs then why not visit where you can continue to enjoy David Kinchin’s take on life.

So, until next time!

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