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Key Notes - Past Issues


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Key Notes - Issue 6
This month we show you how to plan for the perfect interview; give you tips on launching your writing career with newsletters; explain the Freudian theory of personality and suggest 10 things you really – yes, really – need to learn! Key Notes
STT Newsletter
September 2008
  Key Notes

Last month we looked at staying positive despite the doom merchants. So this month we’ve got some useful tips on impressing an interviewer if you do find yourself looking for a new job. And if you want additional advice on putting together your CV and applying for a job, the the Business English Course has a useful section on this.

We regularly hear people say ‘He’s got a huge ego’ or ‘She’s very egotistical’ and we know exactly what they mean. But do we think about how the word came into common parlance in the English language from its Latin origins? In our article on Sigmund Freud’s theory of personality we’ll look at how his structural model of the psyche has been used by psychotherapists and counsellors(link) since 1920 when Freud’s essay ‘Beyond the Pleasure Principle’ was first published.

And finally, my favourite item this month is a great piece by Stephen Downes called ‘Things you really need to learn’. He covers 10 areas that he feels everyone should concentrate on if they want to make the most of their life. I won’t spoil the piece for you by telling you too much about it, but I particularly agreed with what he has to say on the need to empathise with others and also how important it is to value yourself.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous issue, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is being endorsed by the Government at the moment as a sensible alternative to drugs when it comes to helping people with depression and low self esteem. As the Royal College of Psychiatrists says, it’s a way of talking about how you think about yourself, the world and other people. If you empathise with others and value yourself, as Stephen Downes suggests, you’ll go a long way towards overcoming your problems and improving your state of mind.

So, don’t let me detain you any longer. We’ve got something for everyone… read on and enjoy!

Diana Nadin
 Editors Choice  Writing
Things You Really Need to Learn
The blogger, Stephen Downes, looks at the 10 things that he feels we all need to consider if we are to make the most of our lives.

more >>>
Writing For Newsletters
When a new writer is trying to build up their portfolio, writing for company newsletters (both internal and for customers) can be just the job. 

more >>>
 Business  Couselling
Interviews Made Easy
Nine tips for ensuring that you prepare properly for any interview and then make the most of yourself on the day.

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The Id, Ego and Superego
In this fascinating article on Freud’s theory of personality, Kendra Wagner explains the Id, Ego and Superego. 
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 Course of the Month
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
It is of specific interest to those who are working in the healthcare professions, people in the caring and training professions and those who want to broaden their counselling skills.
 Best of the Web says that it is ‘a professional network of travel writers, editors and members of the public relations community…connecting up top-tier writers with editors, PR agencies, tourism professionals, CVBs and tour operators… Its partner site is an online syndication service that allows editors worldwide to purchase travel articles from some of the best travel journalist in the business. is a pronouncing dictionary with sound effects. Great if English is not your first language – or you want to sound just like a TV news reader! provides online, phone and counselling support for anyone with a gambling problem. There is a forum and chatroom plus books and leaflets can be ordered. A great resource for problem gamblers and gambling addition counsellor alike.
 In Conclusion
That brings us to the end of another issue. If you’re interested in reading blogs then why not visit where you’ll find David Kinchin’s take on life! And if you’re one of the six million who Twitter – twitter to your friends about Key Notes!

More about Twitter next month. Until then…

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