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How To Become A Successful Writer!



a home study course from 

The Writers Bureau 

The Writers Bureau is part of the STT group of colleges


Learn how to write and be published

This comprehensive creative writing course will show you how to write for a wide variety of markets and genres giving you the best chance to have your work published.

Your course is very practical, focusing on: getting your writing to a publishable standard, presenting your work professionally, writing for the market and earning an income from writing.

This is a great course for beginners because it introduces you to a wide variety of writing, both fiction and non-fiction, which means you can discover the type of writing that suits you best.


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Write & Be Published



Code: STSA      Course Fees: £424
Easy Payment Terms:
£48 deposit plus £18 postage and packing = £64 then £63 per month for the following 6 months making £442 in all.

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Certificate in Creative Writing

As a part-time freelance writer you can earn a very useful extra income from this absorbing hobby. At the same time, you can widen your horizons, have a lot of fun, satisfy your creative desires and gain a great deal of personal satisfaction from seeing your name in print.

Successful writers come from all walks of life. All you need is a genuine desire to write, some creative imagination and the willingness to put in the time and effort required. If you have these qualities then we can give you the techniques and know-how that you need to find success.

We give you a course that has been developed and written by professional writers. You have detailed guidance from expert tutors, constructive help to improve your writing and a flexible study programme to suit your circumstances.

When you combine your enthusiasm and creative talents with our expertise, it gives you a very good chance of becoming a successful, published writer.

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Your Tuition

One of the key aspects to getting the most out of your course is the quality of your tuition. All STT tutors are experienced in teaching by distance learning and have been specially trained by us to help you.

Your tutor for this course will be an experienced published writer. It is their job to help you in any way they can to make your work publishable.

You will be advised, as needed, on:

• your style
• the subject matter
• the presentation
• grammar
• how to improve your work – if improvement is necessary
• how to avoid the common errors and mistakes that so many beginners make

Your tutor will give you constructive comment and will help you to be objective and realistic in your approach to your work. At the same time they will provide motivation and encouragement.

We have brought together a professional tuition service and an effective course so that you can work towards a Certificate in Creative Writing. But, not only will you gain a Certificate, you’ll also gain confidence in your writing abilities, a deeper knowledge on how the publishing world works and, hopefully, see your name in print.


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Who Should Take This Course?

The course is suitable for anyone who wants to try their hand at writing for publication. This includes those who have never tried writing before.

However, even if you have had your writing published before, this course will show you how to find new markets, give you the chance to try new genres and demonstrate how to make the most of the opportunities that come your way.

Entry Requirements

No previous qualifications or experience are needed to enrol.

Course Objectives

In your course you deal with every aspect of creative writing except poetry. You’ll learn:

• how to find ideas
• the quickest way into print
• how to develop your imagination and create your own individual style
• how to write articles, short stories, children's stories, novels of all kinds – including romances, historicals, westerns, science fiction, adventure etc. – non-fiction books, journalism, radio, TV and the stage
• about copyright and libel
• how to deal with literary agents
• the terms to accept and the pitfalls to avoid in the publishing jungle
• how to sell your work and influence editors and publishers

We also give you practical suggestions that can make all the difference between rejection and success.

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Follow-on Training

The Certificate in Writing for the Internet Course will complement your Certificate in Creative Writing perfectly, once you start being published.


Because we have full confidence in the course and tuition service, we are able to make your enrolment as risk free as possible by giving you this triple guarantee:

1. If you have not earned your tuition fees from published writing within six months of completing your course, your full course fees will be refunded.

2. You have the course on 15-day inspection. If you are not completely satisfied with it, just return it within 15 days of receipt and your money will be refunded in full.

3. We will give you a £10 refund for every written assignment that is not assessed properly by your tutor (failing agreement between us arbitration is available). This is in addition to any refund you may eventually claim under the first guarantee.

Start Studying Right Away When You Enrol Online

Anyone can enrol on this course. You do not need any special qualifications or background and you can start whenever it suits you.

There is no fixed enrolment date so you can start as soon as you are ready. Plus, you can study where and when you like – in the UK or abroad, at home, in the library or at work.

And, by enrolling online you can be studying in just five minutes. The first sections are available as soon as your payment has been accepted.

Your course materials are sent to you by post and should arrive within seven working days in the UK or 28 working days if you are overseas.


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Code: STSA      Course Fees: £424
Easy Payment Terms:
£48 deposit plus £18 postage and packing = £64 then £63 for the following 6 months making £442 in all.

Enrol Now


Alternatively telephone our fast enrolment facility (credit/debit cards only). Just call our 24hr freephone line: 0800 856 2008 (UK only) or if you are overseas please call 44 161 819 9922 during office hours.


WB Online Student Community

As soon as you’ve enrolled you will become a member of our online student community, which is an easy way to contact other students and keep in touch with the college.

For more information about the WB 
online community click here >>>

See What Students Say

“I derive a great enjoyment from my steady, weekly job as Editor of The Woman’s Page for the Jewish Tribune. I definitely credit my success to this course – not only because it accommodated my specific writing needs, but because of the constant encouragement to write and sell my work.”
D Deutsch


“The course has helped me immensely, both in raising my confidence and in teaching the essential skills of marketing and layout. Now half way through my course I have earned around £500 and I’m in negotiation with Sheldon Press about a possible acceptance of a non-fiction book on adoption.”
K Robinson


“I think one of the best things about this course is that it takes the mystery out of getting published. Up until this course I thought that those people getting published were somehow ‘in the know’. But this course has shown that successful writing can be quite a forensic exercise – accurate market research, a professional approach to editors, hard work and some inspiration.”
K Knight


“I signed up for this course looking for a hobby for my retirement, but it has become a most enjoyable and profitable occupation.”
R White


“I would definitely recommend this course to other people, as I have enjoyed my experience. I have now turned my writing from a hobby into something I can earn money from.”
K Griffin


“This course is very informative and I’m so glad I decided to enrol. It has made all the difference to my aspirations as a writer. Quite simply, I failed miserably in the past. Since studying the course I have had many successes.”
D Cullen


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Code: STSA      Course Fees: £424
Easy Payment Terms:
£48 depostit plus £18 postage and packing = £64 then £63 for the following 6 months making £442 in all.

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Course Summary:

Loose leaf binder


Length: 27 modules 2 supplements

Number of Tutor 
Marked Assignments
: 20 
Maximum Course Time
4 years 
15 Day Trial, refund of course fees if you don’t make them back from published writing and £10 refund if an assignment is not marked properly
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