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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The ACC Conference

What an interesting four days Association of Christian Counsellors (ACC), turned out to be. Some 320+ delegates attended with counsellors travelling from as far afield as USA, Iceland and Finland to attend my workshop I was running on Psychological Debriefing (I have a book out!).

I also got the chance to attend a couple of interesting workshops myself. On the Saturday morning I spent two and a half hours exploring the positives and negatives of Couple Counselling. This workshop, presented by Christine Tufnell, was an opportunity to explore why it is always a complicated issue to counsel more than one client at the same time.

On the Saturday afternoon, Chris and Sue Monckton-Rickett explored the field of Sandplay as a healing process. This was something very new to me and proved to be a bit of a personal struggle to apply the Jungian Theory to the concept of sandplay. See what you think!

Over the four days no less than 35 different workshops or teaching sessions were available. It is just a pity that time limits the number of events you can attend.

I suppose this is one of the disadvantages of attending conferences, whereas with distance learning time is not an issue. You study when you like and, with STT, you’re not isolated from fellow students as discussions go on through the forums – even if they take a little time!

Anyway it’s always a joy when a group of like-minded people can actively participate in any learning experience whether face-to-face or via the Internet.

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